Wannabe Network

Wannabe Network is founded on three fundamental principles that have shaped the personal and professional journey of our CEO and founder, Cristiano Cesario: Talent, Dreams, and Energy. These elements are now embodied as People, Images, and Music within our new integrated Network, which offers a comprehensive range of communication services. We combine talent management, content production and a new department dedicated to our music label, Wannabe Records, established to support and enhance the artistic careers of our talents.

Wannabe Management

Talent and People form the core of our talent management department, boasting a diverse and extensive roster of content creators, artists, athletes, chefs and television personalities. Our focus lies in identifying distinctive talents and carefully nurturing their development and public image. By seamlessly integrating talent with individuals, Wannabe Management creates customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and objectives of each brand, ensuring flawless alignment for all campaigns.

Wannabe Productions

Dreams take shape through images. The Content Production department is committed to crafting top-tier content that resonates with audiences and strategically aligns with marketing objectives. By magnifying the brand’s narrative with powerful visuals and captivating storytelling, we elevate brand visibility and drive audience engagement to unprecedented levels.

Wannabe Records

Energy takes form in Sound. Wannabe Records, represents a significant enhancement to our management approach, blending commercial expertise with artistic innovation to provide well-rounded support for our artists. Believing in the transformative power of music, our new music label is dedicated to discovering, nurturing and promoting emerging and established artists helping them to reach their full potential and succeed in the ever-evolving industry.



Givenchy Beauty reveals the essence of the new Gentleman Society fragrance through the talents of Federico Milan, Rosario Barile, Michelangelo Vizzini and our dance company The Good Guys.

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Clotilde Esposito: Emme Marella's new Digital Ambassador for the Trench Trick collection.

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Jenny De Nucci and Gianmarco Millo are the young talents chosen to tell in a personal, spontaneous and authentic way, through static photos and videos, the qualities of the new Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone.
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Paco Rabanne

The face of Luca Vezil was chosen for the international campaign of Invictus Paco Rabanne, an internationally recognized brand for its heritage and clothes. Content creator, model and TV presenter, his profile with an international community has allowed to amplify and elevate the brand's message.

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A revisited classic for a new generation, an aesthetic that adapts and updates itself following the rhythms of contemporary life, a campaign that tells the story but also the relationship and bond that holds us to the natural world. Fay and Simone Pollastri come together to narrate the story of a revisited classic: Fay's iconic 4 Hooks Jacket through their common love for nature, the quest for new horizons, and the desire for adventure.
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The Coachella Valley Music Awards and Arts Festival in California was an opportunity to explore the world of music festivals and the California lifestyle through a series of collaborations with creators and brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique, and Guess Eyewear.
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Three talents to narrate the trends and passions of Gen Z. Brought together first in a photoshoot among the city's skyscrapers and then brought in the middle of the moving crowd at the Polifonic festival in Puglia, Italy, the three members of an inclusive cast blended reality and storytelling by bringing their own style and aesthetic to one of the year's most popular social events.

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To celebrate the launch of its winter and summer collections, watch and jewelry brand Morellato chose the faces of Nima Benati and Aurora Ramazzotti for the Morellato Next Talent project.
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Simone Pollastri is the talent chosen for an exclusive Nike campaign that aims to tell the story of the sense of freedom represented by the brand's performance garments. An innovative and contemporary narrative that tells the spirit of today's athletes-always themselves, without compromise.
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Virgin Active selected talents such as Ilenia Lazzarin, Stefano de Martino and Massimiliano Rosolino for the campaign aimed at promoting the opening of the Santa Lucia club in Naples. This was followed by a selection of 10 other talents to support and increase interest in Virgin Active.

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Social Media Strategy and Production.

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Ludovica Coscione is the protagonist of the digital cover of Vanity Fair Italia curated by Wannabe Management.

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For the launch of the new Shadow Play 2 In 1 eyeshadows Clinique Italia chose Wannabe Management for the production of video and photo content for their social channels.

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Il Volo


Italian music group Il Volo, made up of two tenors (Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto) and a baritone (Gianluca Ginoble), has entrusted the management of its social accounts and official communications to WannaBe Mgmt.

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Giulia Salemi is the new Morellato Brand Ambassador for a collection dedicated to sustainability.

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Tommy Swimwear

The faces of Umberto Manca, Mikaela Neazesilva, Gianmarco Millo, and Maddalena Sarti were selected for the promotional campaign for the launch of the Tommy Swimwear collection . In addition to being content creators, the chosen talents all have modeling backgrounds that allowed them to perfectly embody and spread the brand's values.
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MK x Ellesse

Mario Russo and Federica Messaggeri were the talents selected to promote the collaboration between Michael Kors and Ellesse. Sportswear and streetwear found their common expression in a tennis court, chosen as the location to weld the bond between the two brands.
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