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The Coachella Valley Music Awards and Arts Festival in California was an opportunity to explore the world of music festivals and the California lifestyle through a series of collaborations with creators and brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique, and Guess Eyewear.

The Coachella Valley Music Awards and Arts Festival represents one of the most attended and anticipated music festivals in California for over twenty years. Being able to touch the California lifestyle world together with brands and creators was a highly engaging experience.


Among the brands participating in the initiative there are Tommy Hilfiger, Clinique and Guess Eyewear. The creators showed their creative flair and personality, building a narrative made up of contents such as posts, videos and stories to infuse a Coachella mood.


The result was an ambitious multichannel campaign that saw the different creators share their personal content along with the narrative of their experience at the Coachella Festival in real time.



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