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A revisited classic for a new generation, an aesthetic that adapts and updates itself following the rhythms of contemporary life, a campaign that tells the story but also the relationship and bond that holds us to the natural world. Fay and Simone Pollastri come together to narrate the story of a revisited classic: Fay's iconic 4 Hooks Jacket through their common love for nature, the quest for new horizons, and the desire for adventure.

Fay is the ultimate Italian outerwear brand. Born in Maine, United States, in 1960 as a small brand specialized in the creation of jackets and coats for fishermen and firefighters, its story did not begin until the early 1980s when Diego and Andrea Della Valle acquired it and brought it to Italy with the revolutionary goal in mind of transporting the workwear aesthetic within an urban environment. The result was the iconic 4 Hooks Jacket, a great classic that has evolved itself over the years and entered fully into the Made in Italy fashion imagination.


In its latest campaign, starring videomaker Simone Pollastri, Fay wanted to reinterpret its iconic archival garment, the 4 Hooks Jacket, to make it a full-fledged part of the aesthetic code of the urban environment, elevating its clean lines and functional design to a cult pop object capable of symbolizing the casual style of the Italian and international metropolis.


Thanks to his authentic and genuine storytelling about the lifestyle and love of nature with dynamism, Simone Pollastri has become the perfect storyteller for a multi-channel project that translates into images the feeling of wearing a garment: always ready to face the outside world, the sense of adventure, the love for traveling, and a connection with the natural world refined through years and years of experience. 


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