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For the launch of the new Shadow Play 2 In 1 eyeshadows Clinique Italia chose Wannabe Management for the production of video and photo content for their social channels.


In an era where visual content speaks more than a thousand words, it is essential to design advertising campaigns that not only capture attention, but that remain etched in the public's memory. We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Clinique Italia on a truly exciting project: the production of video and photographic content for the brand's social media for the launch of their new Shadow Play 2 In 1 eyeshadow line.


Our creative team worked closely with that of Clinique to create a series of contents that went beyond the simple presentation of the product. The goal? Create a visual story that expressed the versatility and innovation of Shadow Play 2 In 1 eyeshadows, emphasizing how they can be a Game-Changer in every woman's daily beauty routine.


Through a combination of dynamic videos and impactful images, we have tried to capture the essence of the new Clinique eyeshadows: a perfect fusion between quality and practicality, designed to meet the needs of those who want a magnetic and long-lasting look without giving up the simplicity of application.


The presence of Angelina Mango as the face of the campaign added that touch of magic and charisma that makes each visual narrative unique and unmistakable. Her ability to connect with the camera and tell a story through her eyes made each piece of content memorable and impactful.


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