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Giulia Salemi is the new Morellato Brand Ambassador for a collection dedicated to sustainability.


In a world moving ever faster towards environmental awareness and sustainability, Morellato once again stands out for is modern vision the jewelry industry.

The new collection that Giulia had the honor to represent carries a powerful message: sustainability can and must be a fundamental component also in the luxury and beauty of the jewels we wear. 

The #GIOIELLIDAVIVERE are in fact made of silver, a material that can be refined and reused endlessly without ever losing its value and quality. 

Giulia Salemi's involvement in Morellato worldwide campaign which will touch TV, press and social media is not accidental. Her public figure, which has always been attentive and sensitive towards issues of social and environmental importance, makes her the ideal ambassador. 

Known for her positive energy, Salemi perfectly embodies the values of the brand, demonstrating how, in the world of fashion and luxury, it is possible to make a difference. 

Morellato and Giulia commitment to a more sustainable future marks a turning point in the sector, proving that beauty and elegance do not necessarily have to sacrifice the values of environmental responsibility. 



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