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Jenny De Nucci and Gianmarco Millo are the young talents chosen to tell in a personal, spontaneous and authentic way, through static photos and videos, the qualities of the new Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone.

Samsung, the company that was founded in South Korea in 1938 from humble beginnings and later established itself as a world leader in technology, follows a simple philosophy: to dedicate its talent and technology to creating superior products and services that help make society better. 


For the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S series line, Jenny De Nucci, actress & content creator, and Gianmarco Millo, content creator & model, were chosen to talk about the qualities of the new smartphone. Through spontaneous and authentic storytelling through static photos and videos, the talents were able to express their creativity bringing even more value to the brand and bringing it closer to a very young audience.


Samsung's quality is being narrated via social media to Gen Z through static photos and ultra-high-resolution videos that were then re-shared through the brand's digital and talent channels.


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