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MK x Ellesse

Mario Russo and Federica Messaggeri were the talents selected to promote the collaboration between Michael Kors and Ellesse. Sportswear and streetwear found their common expression in a tennis court, chosen as the location to weld the bond between the two brands.

Michael Kors is a leading prêt-à-porter and luxury accessories brand, while Ellesse is an Italian sportswear brand that was initially founded with the goal of dressing tennis players and then opened up to the entire world of sportswear and casual wear. Over time, both companies have developed a considerable following and a long and layered history that have made them two true cultural entities even before they were fashion brands.


The collaboration between the two brands brought sportswear and streetwear together inside a tennis court, the location chosen for the shots and a representation of the heritage of both brands. Two talents related to the world of fashion were chosen for the occasion: Mario Russo and Federica Messaggeri. The choice of the location combined with the meeting of the imaginaries of the two brands and the participation of the two talents revealed the authenticity of the models and the sophistication of the garments provided. 


The campaign outreach, directed towards an international audience, saw the two creators and the two brands work in concert by sharing videos and photoshooting shots through a multitude of different digital channels.


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