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Simone Pollastri is the talent chosen for an exclusive Nike campaign that aims to tell the story of the sense of freedom represented by the brand's performance garments. An innovative and contemporary narrative that tells the spirit of today's athletes-always themselves, without compromise.

The freedom that only athletics can give. A feeling that Nike knows well and has been pursuing for years, creating products capable of improving athletes' performance. One of these athletes is Simone Pollastri, 22, a surfer and model as well as a video maker who has become famous for his ability to tell unique stories from both sides of the camera.

Simone Pollastri embodies the perfect Nike Ambassador: an example of the union of action and communication, a member of a Gen Z who is not afraid to face the world and its challenges and, indeed, runs toward them with all the strength he can muster. 


Together, Nike and Simone Pollastri, created a narrative in motion: a series of shots interpreting the sense of speed, the passion for performance, and the emotional dimension that only a city run can provide. The result of the project has been published on both Nike and Simone Pollastri's digital channels.


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