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On the occasion of the launch of its latest men's fragrance, Givenchy Beauty has chosen to collaborate with some of our most promising talents linked to the artistic panorama: Federico Milan, Rosario Barile, Michelangelo Vizzini together with the contagious energy of our new company of dancers The Good Guys .



This prestigious partnership celebrates not only the launch of an intoxicating new fragrance but also the uniqueness and authenticity of a community of interconnected creatives and artists, who perfectly represent the spirit and values of the Gentleman Society.


Gentleman Society by Givenchy Beauty is more than a fragrance: it is a tribute to modern masculinity, which embodies the elegance of the past, the freedom of expression and the spirit of brotherhood that binds a multi-faceted community.


The choice to associate this launch with such a varied roster of talent reflects Givenchy's vision of a sophistication that does not sacrifice originality:



The Good Guys, our new dance company, brings to social media the dynamism and energy that the Gentleman Society aspires to represent. Through their choreography our dancers tell us a story made of connections, shared passion and authenticity. It is precisely this fusion of art, talent and individual expression that embodies the deepest essence of the new fragrance.



Federico Milan, Rosario Barile and Michelangelo Vizzini, with their collaboration on this campaign, celebrate the diversity and strength of their passions, pillars on which the Gentleman Society community is based, sharing the uniqueness of talent itself and demonstrating how loyalty to own identity is not just a principle but a lifestyle.

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