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Ludovica Coscione is the protagonist of the digital cover of Vanity Fair Italia curated by Wannabe Management.


Ludovica has chosen to use this important media platform to share profound and personal reflections regarding one of the most debated and misunderstood topics in Italy: Social Freezing, or egg cryopreservation.




In fact, Ludovica describes Social Freezing not only as a media choice, but mainly as an act of freedom and self-determination that allows women to preserve their fertility. Highlighting the importance of discussing cutting-edge topics publicly and with an open mind, which concern, in this case, women's control over their bodies and their life choices.




Ludovica's choice to discuss this delicate and complex topic exclusively on Vanity Fair Italia is a clear example of how public personalities can positively influence public discourse on issues of social relevance by giving voice to issues that are often overlooked or unacknowledged.



Produzione: Wannabe Management

Look: Prada 

Styling: Paola De Ceglie 

Ph: Alessandro Peruggi

Special Thanks to: Chiara Ottolini 


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