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Mare Fuori Il Musical is a show produced by Best Live and directed by Alessandro Siani which has played more than 60 dates in the year 2024 and for which we have taken care of various aspects:


- Social Media Management


- Social Media Strategy


- Digital Content Production


- Community Management


- ADV Campaigns Management


- Editorial Partnership


Starting from an analysis of the competitors, we built a path that could immerse users in this adventure, different from the reference TV series, which started from the early stages of casting up to the definition of commercial partnerships, digital PR in support of narration present on the channels and supported with press office operations.




Digital Content Production:


Wannabe Management put part of its creative team composed of 1 photographer, 1/2 videomaker and a graphic designer at the service of the project from the very early stages of the casting, developing a production plan capable of telling and documenting what was happening on stage and behind it. the fifth. In short, the entire journey from the beginning to the live shows




Commercial Partnership: Harmont&Blaine


We have closed a commercial partnership worth a total of 100k with the Harmont&Blaine brand, which has in fact become one of the main official sponsors of the tour. We have therefore managed a package of content both online and offline to strengthen the sponsorship:


- Online Part: Branded Content, Digital Pr, Press

- Offline Part: Costumes, Bilboards, Meet&Greet, VIP Packages Tickets



Editorial Partnership: Vanity Fair Italia


We have closed an editorial partnership which involved the publication in collaboration between @marefuori_ilmusical and @vanityfairitalia on both Instagram and TikTok of a series of exclusive contents/interviews with the protagonists of the musical, the artistic direction and the direction. The entire operation, from planning the interviews to carrying them out, was handled by us.

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